What are the Key’s to Maintain Hydration in Your Skin?

Richard: Well, there are things that create great hydration in the skin. For starters, we don't want oily skin we want skin that's hydrated, that's potentially plumped up by dehydration but without any surface value of oil. So there are some oils that are very good at penetrating the skin and creating great hydration without […]

Natural Homemeade Skin Moisturizer

The protective oils in the outermost layer of the skin help to hold back water in the skin.   When these oils are lost the skin tends to lose this water and becomes dry.   Moisturizers act as a barrier and prevent this loss of water from the skin. Regular application of moisturizers also helps improve the […]

New Drug Could ‘Cure’ Hair Loss In ‘Six Weeks’

Getty Bald people have been given fresh hope after an eczema drug restored hair growth in a teenage girl with long-standing alopecia. Doctors told how their 13-year-old patient, who has alopecia totalis – a total lack of scalp hair – as well as eczema, experienced ‘significant’ hair regrowth while being treated with dupilumab, a drug […]

14 Amazing Uses For Coconut Oil for Personal Hygiene

Whether you’re an old hat, or just jumped on the bandwagon, coconut oil is suddenly HOT! From celebrity endorsements to word of mouth on the playground, it seems everyone has tried it in one form or another, and best of all, it’s natural! SAHM found some of these awesome uses for coconut oil to both […]