Functional Fitness

My desire for fitness actually came from my family.   My wife has a fitness background, she’s training to be a personal trainer, and that actually motivated me to do a TRX certification here. Our number one job is Soldier first. You have to be ready to do whatever it takes at the moment that everything’s happening. My name is Sergeant First Class Francisco Rodriguez and I’m the Visual Information Support Center NCOIC. Our team being in the job that we are it’s not very active. Here on a daily basis at the VISC we take command photos and DA photos. I’m the VISC Manager; basically I make sure all the photos at the end of day are uploaded, printed and emailed if necessary, and we have Private Herrera who is like the Editor, the one that does the prints and touches up on photos. Specialist Lane he’s the Main Photographer.

Here we go, look right at the camera for me, three, two, one So as a Soldier and as a Combat Camera you have to always be ready for every situation, as a Combat Camera I have to be prepared to deploy with any unit at any time.

You have 2 ID out here, you have artillery units you have infantry units and they’re constantly in the field and constantly training and constantly working out.

Alright ready, set, begin! We have to be at the same level of readiness as them. Army standard PRT is meant to help sustain someone, doing this is actually helping improve us. The Functional Fitness routines that we do at the gym, like the level of intensity of the workouts and the type of workouts that you do, every workout you learn a little bit about yourself.

So actually I’m, diagnosed with depression. Doing these workouts at lunch with the group, it actually allows to help bring my mood up and all that stuff stopping me from going into those bad moods. “Doing all right Lane?…I can hear you from over here.” They kind of motivate me and it’s a reciprocating feeling everyone kind of feeds off of each other, that team mentality, the larger the team the more everyone is kind of building off of each other and pulling in that motivation.

Everybody might complain a little bit but we’re still gonna get to the end together. No matter what. “COFFEE CATS!” .

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Woman Warrior | Journey to Fitness

Being in Air Force Junior ROTC, I was pretty sure I was going to join the service. We’ve all seen those Marine Corps recruiting videos though, and their selling point is challenge, so that’s what I was up for.  The physical challenge, the being part of a team, something bigger, and the camaraderie in the brotherhood.

I am Master Sgt. Jennifer Scott, and I am the equal opportunity adviser for I Marine Expeditionary Force.   I think just growing up, I’ve always been involved in some kind of sport, and I played soccer, I think about seven years of my childhood on co-ed teams.   Usually I’d wind up being the only female, or one of two females on the whole soccer team.   I played basketball. I ran track. I did the fitness team on ROTC, and so I just, I guess just really took an interest to sports and being athletic and being physically challenged.

What CrossFit has helped me with is be able to better keep my composure. Which also, I find applies with any type of stressful environment. Whether it’s  pre-deployment training, or lets say in combat you know there’s a lot of chaos going on, a lot of fast thinking, but can you stay focused on what the objective is?

I think because my mom instilled in me that I can do whatever I want and be whatever I want if I put my mind to it and my heart into it, or if I want it bad enough.  She was big on knowing what I wanted to do, and when I knew what I wanted to do just putting everything I had into that.

And, having and practicing it and having patience and just never giving up on that. .

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Healthy Tips for Getting Great Abs

If you’ve got a flabby belly, you might want nothing more than to have a flat set of abdominal muscles. There are definitely some easy solutions out there, such as Maxfit Garcinia and other weight-loss diet solutions, but there are also little things you can do here and there that will help you get some great. There are the obvious tips, of course, such as eating more fruits and vegetables and improving the amount of fiber in your diet. However, but there are also some tips that are just as effective but little known. Here are some to help you out.

Drink Up


It’s a belief among many women that drinking too much water isn’t very good for them because it gives them puffy abs. However, the opposite is actually true. We do associate water with being bloated. However, whenever you drink water, you actually flush all the sodium out of your body. That will reduce the amount of bloat you have to experience. One easy way to figure out if you’re drinking enough water is to watch your urine. Such things as the color and quantity of the urine will tell you if there is enough water in your body. If the urine comes out in copious amounts and is pale yellow in color then you’re OK; you’re drinking enough water. If your urine is scant in volume and is darker in color, then you’re likely not drinking enough water. You will also experience other things, such as thirst and the feeling of dehydration. Here are some helpful tips to help you stay dehydrated:

You should drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. Go for those beverages that contain little or no calories and little to no sodium or caffeine. Herbal tea is a good example of such a drink. Try to stay as far away as you can from such things as soft drinks and soups that contain lots of sodium. If your food contains lots of water, such as vegetables, fruits or low-sodium soups, then you can meet half of your daily water requirement with ease. Stay as far away from carbonated drinks. These drinks are known to increase bloating due to the carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide will get trapped in the bubbles and create gas in your stomach. That gas slows down the emptying of your stomach and makes you look bloated. Your abs will look flabbier as a result. Be careful about how much caffeine and alcohol you take in as both are natural diuretics. Diuretics tend to increase your loss of fluids and do not replace your bodily fluids as effectively as water or other beverages that are free of caffeine and alcohol. Because of the dehydration that such drinks promote, they tend to flatten your abs. Watch Your Sodium Intake

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Sodium tends to have a bad reputation in the area of nutrition. However, it is very important for the regulation of your body fluids and blood pressure. It is also very important for the transmission of signals in your nerves, the functioning of your muscles, and the absorption of nutrients you need. However, all that said, even a little bit of excess sodium could lead to bloating.

The average woman needs only about 500 milligrams of sodium in a day. Most women, however, take in up 3,000 milligrams a day. The result of taking all of this sodium, which is mostly consumed as table salt and preservatives in the processed foods we consume, is that your abs don’t look as defined. The main reason for this is that sodium and water are bedfellows. Water will always go where sodium goes.

When you eat a meal high in sodium, your body responds to the situation by retaining more water. This high retention of water results in edema and also potentially an increase in blood pressure. The visible traces of sodium will be noticed the next day when you stand sideways in front of the mirror and notice the bloat you’re going through. Here are a few tips to help you deal with it:

Do not take more than 2,400 milligrams of sodium in a day. That’s about a teaspoon of table salt. That’s enough to make sure you have enough sodium in your body even when you sweat profusely. You should also eat more fresh and natural foods as opposed to commercial foods, fast foods and prepackaged foods. The same goes for cured meats, which are usually very high in sodium. Only 3 ounces of ham contains 1,000 milligrams of sodium.

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