What are the Key’s to Maintain Hydration in Your Skin?

Well, there are things that create great hydration in the skin. For starters, we don't want oily skin we want
skin that's hydrated, that's potentially plumped up by dehydration but without any surface
value of oil. So there are some oils that are very good
at penetrating the skin and creating great hydration without creating too much of a surface
valid. Before I come on comment on that let me just
mention that there's still lots of companies using mineral oil, which is an absolute no,
no for any skin care product. It does a couple things, it may create some
hydration simply by sealing the outer layer of the skin trapping moisture underneath. But the problem with that it doesn't allow
the skin to breath. It also clogged pores. It doesn't disallow anything to escape including
toxins. So the things that there are things like rosehip
seed oil, grape seed oil, . There's a handful of really good black currency oils one of
the ones we love they're a handful of really good oils that create fantastic high hydration
moisture ization, but still our favorite I think both of us are on the same page on this
as hyaluronic acid. It's got to be the right kind of hyaluronic
acid and Dr. Roesken and mentioned earlier the importance of blending them. We love the blend them at a very high level
of ultra low weight, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which simply means the molecule
size is very small, and in fact it's small enough to penetrate the epidermis. The purpose of that is to plump the skin underneath
but also keeping hydrated throughout the various layers of the epidermis then we use a higher
medium to higher molecular weights hyaluronic acid with on bigger molecule as as the name
would imply. And the purpose of that is really to create
a bit of a surface value and actually does two things it creates a bit of surface value. So you have a way to massage for a couple
minutes before everything is dissipated. Because if we just used the lower molecular
weight, it would go in so fast that you wouldn't really have any massage properties in the
skin. The second thing that we love about using
the medium to hire is that it creates a 3d breathable film on the skin so it actually
creates more of a smoother effect on the skin and for women that want to put makeup on top
of that it gives them a much better foundation and just bare skin its own. How about you. Unknown
Yeah, so I agree, hyaluronic acid is the key for hydration. So the reason Richard mentioned already that
we use two different is that we want to create these great effect on the skin for the very
first impression. But much more important is that the road with
noble exploration around because that's something if you use our products regularity, you'll
get really grateful because we are able to capture the water in this skin to keep it
into this skin. And so you get this really nice glow and it
looks fresh.

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