Functional Fitness

My desire for fitness actually came from my family.   My wife has a fitness background, she’s training to be a personal trainer, and that actually motivated me to do a TRX certification here. Our number one job is Soldier first. You have to be ready to do whatever it takes at the moment that everything’s happening. My name is Sergeant First Class Francisco Rodriguez and I’m the Visual Information Support Center NCOIC. Our team being in the job that we are it’s not very active. Here on a daily basis at the VISC we take command photos and DA photos. I’m the VISC Manager; basically I make sure all the photos at the end of day are uploaded, printed and emailed if necessary, and we have Private Herrera who is like the Editor, the one that does the prints and touches up on photos. Specialist Lane he’s the Main Photographer.

Here we go, look right at the camera for me, three, two, one So as a Soldier and as a Combat Camera you have to always be ready for every situation, as a Combat Camera I have to be prepared to deploy with any unit at any time.

You have 2 ID out here, you have artillery units you have infantry units and they’re constantly in the field and constantly training and constantly working out.

Alright ready, set, begin! We have to be at the same level of readiness as them. Army standard PRT is meant to help sustain someone, doing this is actually helping improve us. The Functional Fitness routines that we do at the gym, like the level of intensity of the workouts and the type of workouts that you do, every workout you learn a little bit about yourself.

So actually I’m, diagnosed with depression. Doing these workouts at lunch with the group, it actually allows to help bring my mood up and all that stuff stopping me from going into those bad moods. “Doing all right Lane?…I can hear you from over here.” They kind of motivate me and it’s a reciprocating feeling everyone kind of feeds off of each other, that team mentality, the larger the team the more everyone is kind of building off of each other and pulling in that motivation.

Everybody might complain a little bit but we’re still gonna get to the end together. No matter what. “COFFEE CATS!” .

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