Woman Warrior | Journey to Fitness

Being in Air Force Junior ROTC, I was pretty sure I was going to join the service. We’ve all seen those Marine Corps recruiting videos though, and their selling point is challenge, so that’s what I was up for.  The physical challenge, the being part of a team, something bigger, and the camaraderie in the brotherhood.

I am Master Sgt. Jennifer Scott, and I am the equal opportunity adviser for I Marine Expeditionary Force.   I think just growing up, I’ve always been involved in some kind of sport, and I played soccer, I think about seven years of my childhood on co-ed teams.   Usually I’d wind up being the only female, or one of two females on the whole soccer team.   I played basketball. I ran track. I did the fitness team on ROTC, and so I just, I guess just really took an interest to sports and being athletic and being physically challenged.

What CrossFit has helped me with is be able to better keep my composure. Which also, I find applies with any type of stressful environment. Whether it’s  pre-deployment training, or lets say in combat you know there’s a lot of chaos going on, a lot of fast thinking, but can you stay focused on what the objective is?

I think because my mom instilled in me that I can do whatever I want and be whatever I want if I put my mind to it and my heart into it, or if I want it bad enough.  She was big on knowing what I wanted to do, and when I knew what I wanted to do just putting everything I had into that.

And, having and practicing it and having patience and just never giving up on that. .

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