Natural Homemeade Skin Moisturizer

The protective oils in the outermost layer of the skin help to hold back water in the skin.   When these oils are lost the skin tends to lose this water and becomes dry.   Moisturizers act as a barrier and prevent this loss of water from the skin. Regular application of moisturizers also helps improve the […]

Top 5 Health Benefits of Indian Gooseberry or Amla

Oobleck officinalis.  or Indian gooseberry,  is a very sour fruit and is found mostly in India and tropical Southeast Asia.   It is very rich in vitamin C and contains many minerals and vitamins like calcium,  phosphorus,  iron,  carotene and vitamin b-complex. It is also a powerful antioxidant agent.   The taste might not appeal you at […]

A Better Breakfast

“A Better Breakfast” According to this study, by far the most comprehensive of its kind in history, there are only three whole foods on the planet that have more antioxidant power than cloves. One of them is amla — dried Indian gooseberries. Now, not only is it more powerful, but also more palatable. You could […]

Functional Fitness

My desire for fitness actually came from my family.   My wife has a fitness background, she’s training to be a personal trainer, and that actually motivated me to do a TRX certification here. Our number one job is Soldier first. You have to be ready to do whatever it takes at the moment that everything’s […]

6 Tips on How to Have a Strong Relationship

There may come a point in one’s relationship where you hit a bump in the road. To maintain a strong chemistry with one another, here are seven tips on how to have a strong relationship. Physical contact: Intimacy plays an important role in a relationship. Putting your guard down and becoming more vulnerable with each […]

Woman Warrior | Journey to Fitness

Being in Air Force Junior ROTC, I was pretty sure I was going to join the service. We’ve all seen those Marine Corps recruiting videos though, and their selling point is challenge, so that’s what I was up for.  The physical challenge, the being part of a team, something bigger, and the camaraderie in the […]

Exercise, Stress, and the Brain

Exercise is interesting in terms of effects on the brain because it works in about 4 or 5 different ways. One of the most obvious ways is blood flow.   So if you get your heart working your brain is going to be filled with oxygen rich blood and nutrients, required for peak performance. The other […]

10 Thoughts that can Destroy Relationships

Along with communication problems,  negative and insecure thoughts are also roots of broken relationships. While it’s crucial for both partners to listen to each other and reflect on their partner’s needs, they also should be open about any underlying thoughts they may be keeping to themselves. Although most issues need time to be resolved the […]

12 Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship

Hello Psych2Go-ers! We just wanna take the time to thank you for all your kind support! We are a team of dedicated, passionate and hard working individuals Who come together every day with one goal in mind.  We want to make psychology come alive for you! Many of us want to be in happy, and […]